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26 January 2010


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Anne Donald

I've just had a big bowl of porridge, but reading the description of your meal has made me want steak and chips!! However it's fish tonight, as the 'fishman' comes to the house on Wednesday mornings. Some of the shrubs are slowly recovering and Malcolm has managed to prune the broken one into a reasonable shape, but the large conifer is ruined - ah well ....

Stu Bradley

Hi. Many thanks for visiting and taking the time to review our daughter's place. The time you visited, our son was standing in for Steve, the co-owner and chef, so he's very pleased with your comments too. Do please pop along again now that they've been open a while and see what they have to offer now they've been open a while. This couple is very young, Steve just 22 and Hannah (our daughter) just 21. It's a very brave thing for them both to have done at such an age and they deserve to succeed.:)



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