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But isn't the continual progress and improvement in gobbledegook an essential management tool these days? If I produce a very moderate report on change, or anything really, I will dress it up with state of the art acronyms, synonyms and all the other blue sky drivel I can. This serves two functions. Firstly, it makes me look as though I am 'with it' and 'happening' and secondly it reduces criticism because if others can't follow what I say, because the terminology is obtuse and inaccessible, then who dares to criticise? That's rubbish say you. I (adopting a well practicised degree of patronising, but not insulting, vocal inflection), explain that you have not really understood what was said, with no further need to explain, because that will only make you look even dafter. Lack of technobabble, while nominally a 'good thing' is very dangerous because understanding of what has been reported opens you up to criticism.

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