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The Husband

Investing in gold? I don't think so. The most pointless, ridiculous, emotionally driven investment strategy this planet has ever seen, an almost utterly useless metal whose only raison d'etre seems to be a toy for speculators and a haven from 'les impots' for French peasants. I have never understood the reason that so many supposedly intelligent people can and do, risk their money in an element that was an interesting curiosity to ancient Egyptians and not a lot else.
Gold is the ultimate tool for cynical speculators to con innocent (ie naive) investors out of their cash. Oh look, the global economy is in trouble, lets invest our money in something that has no point, very little industrial use, is plentiful and there are plenty of reserves too. Under 'normal' circumstances gold would be a small fraction of the price it is, the only thing that keeps the price high is a misplaced emotional attachment that is constantly fed by those sharks who want your money- and will get it if you invest in gold!

Platinum, now that's an interesting metal,- scarce, industrially useful, demand is increasing, supply is reasonable but won't ever keep up with demand. And it looks good too.

Do I rant? No, just offer good advice in a forthright manner. Completely different. Pah humbug!

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