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Research Methodology

Looks a nice post which having lots of information for blog readers.

Dr John

Jane, this quote comes from the link in the (undoubtedly) spam post: "High Quality And Non-Plagiarized Dissertations Available On Masters Dissertation Services"
It seems that people who write theses for those too stupid and undeserving to obtain their own higher degree read your blog. However, I wouldn't trust them because they seem illiterate and ungrammatical in the extreme. Just ignore them.


Dr J.L. (proud author of a well spelt and grammatically correct thesis)


Dr John - thank you for your comment. Can I please request that no-one else follows the link to the dodgy website - I am only leaving this example of spam to illustrate the point.

Clearly the author is too stupid to spot that they have commented on a blog denouncing their activities and Jennifer Parks82 really should be fined heavily or imprisoned for her activities with spam. There are laws on these things you know.

Again I am sure she is too stupid to spot she has just been accused of a crime. Cyber criminals are not intelligent it seems nor do they speak or write good English.

Enough of this rant - a Happy and Spam-free New Year to all!


I love these word. "If anyone who does do spam, spam contributions or cold calling sales is reading this - please think about what you are doing and imagine you are trying to do something very important yourself, but are impeded by this activity, or your wife, mother, sister, girlfriend is getting this hassle. Make a New Year's resolution to do something valuable with your life instead of this!"

Thanks so much for your idea. Good luck, may God bless you and your family!

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