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24 November 2008

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Interesting blogs

  • Awful Library Books
    Sometimes very funny, sometimes a bit disturbing, always a good read.
  • Eighty Years Ago This Week
    Adrian published a book about the Abdication Crisis (from a political perspective), this blog follows through the history of 80 years ago and is updated weekly.
  • Evaluation, statistics and OR
    This is what I do to earn a crust.
  • frayed at the edge
    There are many craft and needlework blogs, but I like this one for the cakes, the landscape photography and the wide range of topics covered
  • James Holland, 20th Century Artist
    A blog about the life and work of my father, James Holland, a notable British artist of the 20th Century
  • Salut!
    The world of Colin Randall, formerly France correspondant for the Daily Telegraph and first editor of the National
  • Unbounded
    An old school friend of mine and her young man are looking to move to Europe before Brexit. This blog is about their research and travels to find a new home.
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