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The UKs apparent lack of interest is ill-considered in the extreme, IMHO. The situation in South America has deteriorated drastically and if the three countries involved (Columbia, Venezuala and Ecuador) do get stuck into a war, the results will be devastating for the west. Hugo chavez has a 'pact' with Iran and as Chavez sees the hand of America in this recent Ecuadorian expedition by the Columbian forces, he will turn off the oil. So will Iran. Sure as eggs are eggs. Not for long, maybe but even if they did it for just a month, the price would go into orbit. Venezuala and Ecuador are both very left wing, politically and no doubt Putin and the New Castro would find it hard not to get involved. Which would be like a red rag to a GW Bush.
And once we take an eye off poor Ingrid Betancourt, I fear she will be lost.
Having said all that I did rather cheer when I heard Raul Reyes (FARCs No2.) had been slain, because he was an evil so and so.


Thanks, John. As you rightly point out, there is oil in the neighbourhood (although the Americans tend to focus on the drugs when they talk about Columbia), and that is very much a world issue.

I trust you have signed the petition then?

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