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The troubles with all this talk about Global Warming/Climate Change are many-fold. The media are the main problem. The fact that there may be irreversible alterations to the climate in 50 - 100 years time is boring in the extreme. Polar bears alone on ice floes, violent storms battering the planet are better, but basically irrelevant. But they look good so they are reported as Climate Change, which they aren't.

Secondly, there are very few certainties in science and the whole CC 'thing' is about a considerable body of evidence that all seems to point in the same direction.

Imagine this. The weather forecast says it might rain today. The barometer is dropping. There are clouds brewing on the horizon and you say to yourself, 'it feels like rain'. There is no guarantee it is going to rain, but you would be daft not to take an umbrella. That's where we are with CC. It would be daft not to start taking precautions. There is no certainty that it will happen and by the time that certainty is in place, guess what? It's too late.
But people don't like to be told what to do by 'scientists' or Governments and the bad times won't really affect the first world too much and it won't happen in most of our lifetimes, so we will, I'm sure, carry on regardless and nuts to the future!

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